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Wendy Bendoni is an established International trend forecaster for the past two decades. With well over 49 trips across Europe, a million edited images and over 280 trend/consumer reports under her belt, she has the expertise to project local as well of global trends in the lifestyle market.  Clients ranging from Nordstrom, JCPenney, OP, BCBG, Levi’s, C & A, Target, Honda, Stila Cosmetics, Victoria Secrets and Guess.  Her credentials as fashion and lifestyle forecaster requires assisting retailers and manufacturers on developing design concepts and consumer behavior insight.  In 1990, she ran the international division for Report West, in 1998 she also founded the LA division of WGSN for over 8 years, in 2000, retail reporting and consumer trends for StyleLens and for over 16 year, she developed the Lifestyle division (home design) for Design-Options.  She continues to develop new methods of tracking lifestyle trends through traditional means but also through utilizing analytics to monitor consumer lifestyle interest and behavior on social media.


Wendy Bendoni, Subcultural Trend Specialist + Digital Fashion Forecaster 

Fashion Forecasting Service for two decades (UK-FR-USA- JAPAN -CHINA) 

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