I Would Like to Be Apart of the Hunt


The popular app known as “The Hunt” has caught on through major social media channels including instagram and has made its way through many celebrities such as the Kardashians. This popular app is great because it is “the cure for outfit envy for free” according to The Hunt. This app allows for people to post pictures of an outfit or garment they are coveting but cannot find to purchase and share it with the world. The poster of the coveted item can state if they want the exactly that item or something similar. This allows for the hunters to have search parameters. People can be on the other side and help or become “hunters” by helping you find the items you want. The hunter posts their finds including the direct link to the website URL allowing you to directly buy the item. People can also follow these hunts to keep up with the results and choose the best result of the multiple posted.




Like to Know: It is an app that allows people to “shop their favorite Instagrams from their favorite Instagrammers.” Like to Know It allows for people to link this app and their instagram to find products through the people they follow. You must like a photo that has the Like to Know It link and then an email is sent to your inbox with all the details of the outfit. Direct links are behind the pictures so when clicking on a picture in the email, you are redirected to the direct product page to purchase the item.




Check out this video on Like to Know:It


Apps like these are great because they take away the multiple steps in attempting to find something we like from a picture on Tumblr or a blogger on Instagram. Thanks to these apps, we can get everything we covet in a few simple steps!