“FASHION to me is a love story that I am lucky enough to be apart of and share with others. FASHION is a world of discovery, from the secret stories of trend spotting after dark in SAINT TROPEZ. Having a heart-to-heart with COURTNEY LOVE about fashion subcultures in Japan to the first blogger I ever met who showed me the power of social media.”  -Wendy K. Bendoni


Into the blue I go... #SelfDiscoveryAwaits
#Repost @acurrentaffair Fancy footwork 💖 perfect summer flats from @peopleof2morrow from our Brooklyn show last month
Almost time to say GOODBYE to my Florence apartment. Many thanks for this years Global Fashion Management Conference selecting Florence.  #PerfectWritersRetreat #FashionProfessor #GreatMoments
Local DJ in the park breaking it down tonight. #DJ #pride #mini #ItalianStyle
Someone today thought he could lift cast iron vintage weights at the Florenza flea market. Show off!!! Still not sure why he couldn't lift them higher @simplyfabiolous
RETAIL SPACES transformed into ART GALLERIES -My shopping partner @simplyfabiolous & I discover how to shop + admire art at the same time. #TheArtofShopping #Florenza #RetailSpace @BottegaQuattro
Beautiful view from the top of the Duomo. The down side to this was no one told me it was a 30 min walk up a flight of stairs that was half the width of a airplane bathroom with nothing but concrete surrounding you (no windows) to get up to the top. #Florence #claustrophobic
#Craftsmanship theme from Florence continued today as I learned about hand decorated paper with techniques inspired by Tuscany. All hand painted in water then applied onto paper. WATCH THIS 👀 #Florence #Florenza #ART
I met the man of dreams in Florence. He can make me my dream shoes in 7 days.... Please come home with me to California. @Manninafirenze #Florence #shoes
Tonight I understand why Italy is such a fabulous country! Cheers to a night to remember in the beautiful region of Tuscany and some great new friends.  #CanIHaveAVilla #Tuscany #FashionProfessor